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Don Collett Archives for 2016-11

Top Five Signs You Need Some Time Off

5. Accidentally locked yourself inside your car

4. Calibrating the points on your pencils
3. Overheard singing the Norwegian National Anthem again
2. Caught again talking to the stapler!
1. You're scheduling meetings with yourself


Top Five Signs Your Pet Turkey Knows Thanksgiving Is Coming Up

5. Wearing t-shirt that says, "Black Fridays don't bother me. It's those golden brown Thursdays"
4. Seen asking neighbors if theirs is a sanctuary backyard
3. Chicken recipes being left everywhere
2. He's started meowing
1. Protesting in the yard with sign that says, "Not my holiday."


A New Fortune Cookie Game!

Remember the old game of adding the phrase "in bed" to the end of fortune cookies? I propose, in keeping with the times, we change it to "in protest". For example, here's how the fortune I got with lunch yesterday would read...
"When you need them, you will be surrounded with friends...in protest".
Others, generated at random from another website:
"See the light at the end of the tunnel...in protest"
"You create your own stage. The audience is waiting...in protest"
"You love peace...in protest".
I'm sure some of you won't think this is funny, so I'll end this train of thought...in protest.


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