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Remember these hot tech items -- from thirty years ago?

I've been a gadget guy for a long time.  From the functional to the downright silly, I've always liked how technology can enhance our lives.


We've come a long way in technology since the Reagan years.  Back then, I never thought I'd have the equivalent of a Star Trek communicator in my pocket.  Even though I love being able to have hundreds of songs to play on my phone, I will always have a special spot on my heart for my very first boombox.  


Cnet has put together a list of the hot tech of 1987. Some live on in a fashion, like lazer tag (at Chickasha's own Zippety's), and some are long gone.  There are even a couple of items I didn't know existed thirty years ago.


Here's the entire list:

The Hottest Tech Thirty Years Ago






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