Don Collett

Tragedy In Andarako

The wave of suicides in Anadarko breaks my heart. I've seen posts here on FB that seek to take advantage of the news to push their agendas and hurl vitriol at what they perceive to be the causes. I won't do that; I don't know what drove these young people to take their own lives. I'm also certain the answer is more complex than simply blaming a political party or socio-economic status.

All I will say is...I understand. I've been to the brink of that abyss. I thought the darkness that beckoned would be so much better than the crushing, perpetual anguish that bored into my soul. But it is, as Andarko Police Chief Jason Smith said, a permanent fix to a temporary problem.


If you ever find yourself at that brink, please...step back. Call a family member or a close friend. At the very least, call 1-800-273-TALK(8255). Please.


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