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Shiny New Facebook Page(s) (Sort Of)

If you're a fan of our Facebook page, you may have noticed a change in our name.  Instead of the generic "Classic Hits", we're owning our name loud and proud.  You don't have to like us again; as Bon Jovi sang, "It's all the same...only the names have changed".  You'll still get our posts.  (And if you're not a fan of our page, you can fix that problem right now.)


There's also a second, brand new page.  It's Don Collett Radio, and as you can probably guess from the incredibly clever title, it's the page for my radio show.  I would have used a cooler name, but "George Plummer" was already taken.  


Why Don Collett Radio?  Well, a lot of you have been sending friend requests to my personal profile on Facebook.  That's the page where I keep in touch with family and close friends. Instead of mixing up my private and public life (and we all know how painful that can be for a guy over 40), I have a new page you can follow if you want.  I hope you will.  I think we'll have fun.




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